Saturday, July 2, 2011

Weekly Photo Challenge Week 2: Wild

The theme for this week was Wild.  I knew that could be interpreted in a multitude of ways, and that it didn't necessarily mean that I had to go on safari and take pictures of wildebeests.  I actually came up with my concept for this week's photo early on, with one main concern: it would depend not only upon my skills as an amateur photographer, but as a (very) amateur makeup artist.

After watching a few eye makeup tutorials on YouTube, I dumped out my cosmetics case and started building, layer by layer, my basis for this week's photo: leopard eyes.  Looking at it now, I'm not sure how apparent the "leopard" aspect is in this particular shot, but it was my best one.  A little grainy, of course- my resources are limited at this point, and since I didn't want to use the flash, I was forced to bump up the ISO quite a bit.  Not too shabby, though, considering I shot this in my bathroom.  How very MySpace of me.

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